MattyLovesPodcast, Volume 2: Episode 02 – “Rebel, Rebels”

Here’s a fresh episode of the podcast for you!


David Bowie is gone. Celebrate him. He IS one of our last Artists.

“Dr. Tom” is a huge Bowie fan. The news, needless to say, came unexpected. He discusses his love for The Duke of Ear.

Matt has seen The Force Awakens several times. He and “The Street Shaman” first saw the film opening night and have since seen it enough times to get a solid grasp on their overall opinion.

They dig the tips of the cap. They get it.

The fellas take a look at the four new faces introduced, as well as the old.

Listen to more David Bowie. And not Labyrinth. Well, not just Labyrinth.

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MattyLovesPodcast, Volume 2: Episode 01 “(Choose Your Title)”

A new year means new shows!

MATTY and I waste no time getting back into the game.



Join Matt de Simone and “Dr. Tom” Lucas this week as the fellas have returned home from the holiday break. They fill you in on what they were up to.

Tom went back home to Detroit and experienced a nostalgia-driven city on the rise.

Matt went back home to Roanoke, VA and took it easy… Except for the pro-wrestling. Tom finally asks Matt his origins in pro-wrestling.

The podcast transforms into a semi-annotated history of Matty de Nero.

All that and the fellas also tell you to READ MORE.


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A Recent Live Reading

If you have enjoyed any of my previous live readings, a recent video has popped up on YouTube.

The first true Bizarro fiction reading in Orlando, I was excited to read at ‘Lil Indies. I chose to read my contribution to Potter’s Field 5. It’s kind of a “Tales From the Crypt” kinda thing.

If you enjoy the piece, you can pick up either the Print or Kindle version by clicking on the book cover on the left-hand side of my website.

I hope you enjoy!


MattyLovesPodcast: The Giant-Sized Annual Part 3 – “A Force Awakens Speculations”

Join us for even more Star Wars fun. AND COMPLETELY SPOILER-FREE!!!


The Giant-Sized Annual continues!

This weekend is dedicated to STAR WARS. With A Force Awakens literally hours away, Matt decided to snag “Dr. Tom” Lucas and Nick DeCicco to speculate what they expect when expecting… a new Star Wars film.

What are some of the things Nick wants to see?

What does Tom want to come away with from the new film?

Who is who’s kid?

Where is Luke?

Who’s got the Force?

Tune in and find out what the fellas speculate away. (Count how many iterations of the “speculate” appear in this podcast.)

Enjoy! And May The Force Be With You!

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I Wonder If I Will Read This

There are a few versions of me running around these days.


There’s the guy I used to be.


There’s the guy before that, who nobody liked, who has lately been using my body.


There’s the true me, the man I am supposed to be.


There’s the guy that’s trapped, brain and heart frozen. He’s the guy that wakes up every morning.


There’s the guy that everyone thinks I am. He’s nowhere to be seen (by me).


I’ve been frozen for a while now. Stuck in a place, like a ghost, haunting all the spots.


This was the year that I split into shards.


I don’t think anyone noticed. I think that’s a good thing.


I hope I can find them all, scattered across the many lives that I live.


I will pick them up, one by one, and catalog them.


I will coat them with glue and stick them together and make a whole.


If the glue dries well, you will hardly get to see the cracks.


Where the broken pieces of me have fused.


But don’t push on the pieces or they may break into many more.

MattyLovesPodcast: The Giant-Sized Annual Part 2 – “Theatre of Memory Against the Background of a Podcast”

I wasn’t able to make it to the studio and it might be our best show yet. Dang it.


Part two of “The Giant-Sized Annual” continues. This week, Matt is joined by author, Simone Caroti. Unfortunately, “Dr. Tom” has been a bit under the weather, but was clutch enough to send Simone in his absence.

Good call, Doc. The following podcast is more so an interview than the usual commentary on comic books, film, games, and all-things “geekdom.” So sit back, and drink it in nice. You might learn something.

Simone talks about coming over from his native Italy and a few experiences during his time at Purdue University.

One of those experiences when Simone met his wife, who is currently defying any uncertainties about modern science.

What is The Generation Starship In Science Fiction: A Critical History, 1934-2001?

Oh yeah, and of course the guys talk about Star Wars, the anime genre in Italy during the late 70’s-early 80’s–Mobile Suit Gundam, etc. They had to get that…

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MattyLovesPodcast: The Giant-Sized Annual Part 1 (of 4) – “Star Wars Fallout”

Our latest episode. Let the Star Wars salivating begin!


Before VOLUME TWO, there was the GIANT-SIZED ANNUAL!

MLP is back with a special brand of podcasts for the month of December focusing mainly on STAR WARS. You know, there’s a new one on the horizon? As in, TWO WEEKS AWAY?

Matt and “Dr. Tom” are stoked. They reconvene this week and discuss what’s been going on with them.

Matt is still catching up on his comics. (He has, by the way.) He’s loving the Star Wars comics from MARVEL.

Tom agrees with Matt on the lack of romance in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Matt still thinks he knows exactly what to do to solve any convoluted continuity in comic books.

Matt also says the old, SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS figures with full articulation are worth $100. He’s a moron. To prove himself the fool, he placed a bid on each of the figure he mentioned on eBay… for $20.


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