Nothing as Far as the Eye Can See

Back to the Bleak Verse, on a Wednesday, seems appropriate. What a foul mood I am in today.

"Silk Road #12" by Jonathan Kos-Read

A blank desert stare
Turns bloodshot red
as sharp grain
meets fragile eye

flow salt flow
futility blinks slowly
hands clench white
jaw grinds tightly

there is no pain like vision
past knowledge
is a forgotten tool
to break frozen gears

rusted shell of machine
ancient and abandoned
buried by ghosts
operated by memory

the dried mud cracks
underneath worn soles
dust piles formed
by eroded hands

it is all gone now
thought but a whisper
that which was never known
was erased as it was written

At last the clock
is ticking off time
softly then loudly
present yet subtle

moments have melted
fusing splinters and rubble
shadows stretch over ruins
bloodshot eye sees horizon

wait wait wait to see
if only it could grow nearer
a voice in the ear daily
could be a body close tomorrow


5 thoughts on “Nothing as Far as the Eye Can See”

  1. Hi, I read this ages ago and loved it….

    Inspiration appears in many forms.

    For 3 nights I dreamt of these words. You were telling me them, I clearly heard your American accent. Each dream was the same and in each dream, I had to read it back to you. When you spoke, a vibrancy of colours swirled from the words. But when I spoke them the colours were different as my own personal take on the words were different to yours. You told me again and again and again in my dream that I was invoking the wrong type of passion into your words and then you’d read it to me again. “Get it right.” You’d say. (No one on earth but a teacher can make a person feel like I did as I try’ed to do what you requested). I Try’ed and failed every time. On day 4 After chopping vegetables for dinner, I was standing at the sink getting a glass of water and your words were there. I don’t know how you get your inspiration? But my mind had obviously filed away the memory of these words for a future date to inspire me. So there I am leaning against the sink with the words….
    “….There is no pain like vision
    Past knowledge
    Is a forgotten tool
    To break frozen gears….”
    Swirling around, teasing me, sparking my inspiration, making the energy and flow, creating the passionate need to write…. (yup honestly, this is how I write). Vision, knowledge, gears…. These words driving me on to pick up a pen.
    So now I’ve used those words that teased and inspired me so much. My poem is totally different from yours. It stays on one of my usual writing paths…. desire. And also I guess having read all this your thinking…. hmmmm? Yeah I guess she’s lost it dreaming of my words. But hey that’s just me I guess.
    I wanted to write all this and most importantly, to thank you for the inspiration.
    So thank you. You inspire me…..x.
    The poem is called Gears and will be posted today. Those 4 lines will be at the bottom with your initials and a thank you.
    An incredibly relaxing and happy weekend is wished for you and yours.

    1. Your response poem was beautiful. I am so touched that you found inspiration in my poem. One always hopes to connect with others through creative expression but it’s rare that you actually get to hear about it. Reading and writing usually live in solitude. This made my day — sorry for being such a taskmaster in your dreams. Time for us both to write more and more and more. — Tom

      1. No need for sorry…. it’s rare for someone I’ve never met to enter my dreams so it shows your poem stuck with me 😉
        If honest I was a little nervous in letting you know your words were my inspiration.
        I agree both reading and writing are very lonely things to do but, they do give happiness both to others and ourselves.
        Yes we both should be writing more. Looking forward to your next post….

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