Of Dust and Prayers

Hey so we are nearing the weekend, and this weekend brings the return of Game of Thrones. I dig this show, I dig the books. And, I have always had a soft spot for the old fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, LoTR thing. That being said, I have a few poems lying around that have a sort of fantasy world feel about them. What was I looking for when I wrote them? Not really sure, maybe experimenting with setting, character, or just a general feel. Here’s the first.

"Fisherman's Church" by Christos Tsoumplekas

The pious bother had been
deep in the caves
for some time now

Tending to the graves and tombs
shrines of the soldiers of faith
that came before him

Nonsecular views know they were
just men in a power scheme
full of secrets, lies, and sins

The brother knew this
he knew the caves
he knew where the demons hovered

Tending to the saintly shadows
maintaining those that did not decay
and hiding those that did

The brother was safe there
the world outside had moved on
he didn’t have to concern himself

And in turn, most of the world
outside, in progress
did not concern itself with him

But like most things
it could not last
he would have to surface

Every reason and excuse played out
for some time he stalled
but in the end

the dead can always wait.


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