Only Use Approved Vendors

Dug this one up…there is something strange and otherworldly about it — to me at least. I have no idea where my head was at, or even what I was going for. My suspicion is that it doesn’t really flow, that it’s really just a collection of curious lines. Then again, there is this nauseous feeling of powerlessness that pushes out. Or, I might just be full of it.


A sinister flash of teeth caused an agreement to happen without cautious glances.

"lanky midget zombie anorexic porn" by mugley

Now, a fortuitous hero wills his rise from rusted ranks and former idolizers.
He will color outside the lines of failure.
Time to condemn last-minute strokes of genius.

Yes, genius or brilliance in simplicity.

Could lasting actions build tradition or shore up ethical balloons in a corral to prevent
exposure to difficult elements periodic in definition, organized in the hardened bones of ashen disaster?

With glee former chiefs create new obedience in tired fists.
Blasting caps fuel memory armed with apology.
Could forgers pose as the hold in retribution of the convicted?
These queries move in the sky above all.

Everything has forced the hand into solution.
Hold your head by the temples and spasm blindly into the night,

For they are coming for you next.


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