The Omega Man

For this little number I was going for something epic in feel with a bit of a punchline. Let me know what you think.


Oh so it has come to the Omega Man
Docile in his simplicity
To pilgrim forth to fetal plates
And carve the truth upon them

Read his somber face
For some hint at deep reason
You’ll search an eon
Lost in blissful ignorance

For treasured purpose
Is eternal journey
On a landscape untraversable
By such meager beasts

Savant prophet, oh inscribe for us
The where and the what fors
Ghost hand guided to chip stone
Into elegies of meaning

For these ants busy their hills
Pacing circles in the sand
Wrenching claws into soreness
Coping with the question why

Fool, deliver us the knowledge
That our time is not wasted
Stretching, groping to touch
The face of God.

Are our minute gestures
Strong enough to launch us from
Our material platforms
Into the omnipotent embrace

Creator limbs of cosmic fabric
To wrap around us
And comfort us with pillows
Of miracles and forehead kisses

A simpleton it must be
For our vessel could never be
A troubled or busy mind
Of genius intellect complicated by design

Too many equations create log jam
Significant to render high thoughts
Jig-sawed into corners and cul-de-sacs
Of theoretical answers needing more proof

We could wait here to infinity
Mucking and making it complex
While a simple man’s steps
Walk forward diligently

So such a creature should usher forth
To stride foot before foot
To monolith billboard
To chisel our final truth

Move dear brothers aside
And make room for him
For his actions will take a moment
And remain for all time

All Praise The Moron
All Praise The Idiot Savior
To Know
Is Not To Know At All

"Sunrise at Teter Rock" by fireboat895

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