The Darkened Path

Another installment of my fantasy genre poetry. Just a brief moment, one that I plan to connect to something greater…

So in the grace of all that has passed I stand
in snarling mania wondering
how the clouds will form

I don’t know this forest or its paths,
It’s too dim to see the low branches or the
unevenness of the road

Grant me this one request that when
a sliver of light slices through and falls to eat
a search party will track my travels

For alone and stumbling in foreign land
has been my way and my fate but I know
my isolation is artificial in a thick of being

Poison spiders weave taut webs far ahead
in unmapped land — forward I forge
unknowing of their surprise

Denizen troll and violent predators awake
behind nearby trees and vines — I am an
unexpected victim they so randomly kill

Save from special attack and grip your
weapon tight because it’s not about
heroism but simple survival

When the moon is high and you just don’t
stop moving think of my jungle
and its numerous pitfalls

Because no path is free of traps and
craven foes lurk about
I carry my soul’s protection about my neck



2 thoughts on “The Darkened Path”

    1. Thanks…a carefully chosen visual makes a big difference, IMO. I am looking to find more copyright free illustrations, but for now photos will do.

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