How Long Have I Missed You?

Nothing beats writing with purpose…sure I have done the sit in a coffeehouse and word doodle thing, but if I can sit down with purpose…the story behind this poem, ok, the story behind the story. My grandfather died in 1989. He was a hard-working guy, a machinist. He retired and then died a couple years later. The reward for a life of hard work — what a load. My grandmother passed many years later. It was on this occasion that I wrote this poem. You see, I was doing Satan’s work at the time, automotive sales training, and it was the night before a $10 million training launch. I was stuck in LA, and could not return to Michigan for the funeral. I wrote this to be read at the service in my stead. On a side note, it was rejected by Redbook magazine, the first official rejection of my career.

"Heavenly Light" by Mattyp_

How long have these rough, hardworking hands
Blurred in motion
Tools of all kinds used to build
Board by board, nail by nail

How long have I missed you?

How long have I been building our home
Tightening screws and painting walls
My watch has never worked here
No days or nights, all things just are

How long have I missed you?

Ever since I got here I have done what I always did –
Build and fix and repair
in this lush garden, a home for us to live
A green and fertile land, fresh water, clean air

This is the place for us to live forever
This has always been the place
And always will be
By the love and grace of God

How long have I missed you?
Warm days under a perfect sun
Humming the songs the birds above sing
In harmony with all things
I have been building our home

Missing you, waiting, building
Our place in eternity
I have been busy making things ready
And now they are

Now I no longer have to miss you, for our time is here
On one of God’s perfect days
I open the door to our beautiful world
And we can finally embrace

Together in spirit for all time and in all ways…


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