Can’t Find This Place on a Map

A word with no weight due to overuse.
Ha ha.
I’m sorry, you MUST excuse
My flippant attitude.
It’s just that love, for all that it is
And all that it isn’t
Is a stage for the pretentious
And a target for abuse
That every single being puts it through.
Whatta ringer, whatta iron maiden
One must endure.
Such a basic and economical word.
All but four letters.
I imagine that other languages,
Terrestrial or otherwise,
Offer much more than four simple letters.
But this is all we have to capture
An all-encompassing word for an all-encompassing emotion.
So what about it?
How many other words have been thrown at it?
How many deeds in its name?
How much blood, sweat, and tears (heh, forgive the clichés)
Have collected in effort to capture this small word but massive concept.
Should anyone try?
No definition is complete,
No expression is sophisticated enough.
No treatment or analysis will present conclusive results.
The word is a ghost –
Spiritual and immaterial
A vision of the beyond
And an example of what was
What is
And what will be.
Always search but have no expectations
You might find it,
Or never find it all.
The whole of nothing
And a part of everything,
The crucial gear that drives the machine of all.


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