The Miracle Wall

This is an old one…I wrote this poem for my now wife back in the early days of our courtship. She had just celebrated a significant achievement, and I wanted to honor her with a poem. I always really liked this one, hope you do too.

In a place that knows not where nor when….


Covered in carvings, gold, and precious stones

This ancient wall tells stories

Of anguish and pain

Of joy and victory

Of memory cherished

And prophecy yet to be fulfilled


The old code has finally been broken

And the wall slowly reveals all that it knows

Through perseverance and study

Through patience and virtue

Through shadows and time

All wise truth shall one day be known


A story never concluded

It’s ending cannot be known

But by Grace and the miracle of fate

This wall stands defiant and strong

Against the forces of time and emotional erosion

And talks of timeless life, death, and love


Immortal Structure

Blessed in its construction

Glory is its stone and mortar

To stand here and hereafter

Its unending beauty and treasure

Is a miracle

And it stands as a monument to you.


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