Tell Me About Your Book, Tom.

Recently, a few interested parties have asked me for more information regarding my novel, Leather to the Corinthians. Yes, they have read the excerpts, but what is the book really about?

I hear your cries of anguish,


Who would I be to deny you?

Here is a brief overview for you to ponder:

Leather to the Corinthians is a high concept satire featuring an ensemble of surreal, allegorical characters struggling with living in the apocalypse of a brutal civil war. A smash up of novelty intellectualism, scatological humor, science fiction, comic books, and Saturday morning cartoons, Leather to the Corinthians short circuits genre fiction to create an absurd postmodern fable that defiantly flips a middle finger at modern American life.

The book tells the story of the Village, a conceptual beast city located in the communal pop culture consciousness of the reader, and several characters as they fight to survive in the face of powerlessness. The feature characters are the unnamed SOLDIER, tribal leader SCRATCH MICROPHONE, clergyman FATHER EVERHARD, corporate drone PETER, broadcast news anchor BRAD PERFECT, and the usurped monarch, the KING. Although not in the story, the greasy SNAKE OIL SALESMAN introduces the tale, and stops by between chapters to offer enticing deals, adding scathing comments on the themes that are explored.

I have been using this site to present a few excerpts, mainly some of the rants delivered by my SNAKE OIL SALESMAN. However, as he exists beyond the context of the story universe, these eloquent tirades don’t give you the true taste of it. As I get closer to publication, you will see more chunks of awesomeness. Just click on the Leather to the Corinthians link on the menu or in the categories list. Coming soon: character studies and chapter excerpts…


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