Bits for Bizmo: An Exercise in SciFi Poetry.

Much thanks for all for your frakking awesome feedback RE: yesterday’s post. A ton of fun, really. Today I am featuring something that came out of a self-mandated writing exercise, but I am digging it. Here’s the back story:

I have always been a big comic book guy, and a Connoisseur at that. I have been reading the good stuff for a long time. I always had the eye. In my teen years, I encountered the influential Brit periodical, 2000AD. All the best guys in comics today, IMO, either came from this swirly mass of regular godhead or have been highly influenced by it. Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon, Brian Bolland and a bunch of other roughnecks brought it together week after week. Maybe the best known of all its canonical characters, is Old Stone Face, Judge Dredd.

During this time in my life, 2000AD could do no wrong, and I was completely fascinated by it and all it was. I bought a ton of issues, and Warrior too. They sat, dogeared and worn in my collection for many years. On one particular day, with nothing all that interesting going on, I read a particularly sad tale of an old man, body stocked with cybernetic tech, who fell to radiation and died. By the virtue of the massive amount of metal and computing power left in his frame, he became a CYBORG ZOMBIE. This is perhaps the coolest possible thing you could ever want to see.

I tasked myself with this: Can I create a poem or perhaps song lyrics from this tragic tale? Could I tell the story of Bizmo in a new way? So it’s not really fan fiction, I didn’t do anything new with the character. What I attempted was rendering down the comic to the tasty fat and steal its essence. I cannot link you to the original story, it’s nowhere to be found on the net. Well, maybe it is but I didn’t feel like spending all day looking for it. However you can read a summary of that issue of 2000AD here.

I am wondering, has anyone written a poem about a comic book before? Could this be a new genre? Gonna chew on that one for a while.

And now for your approval:

Bits for Bizmo

Bizmo Klux was dead
Yet his biotronic frame still lived
And the computer controlling it
Drove him on

NEED NEW BITS to rebuild Bizmo

A desire that could never be fulfilled.

New flesh
Rot away
No good
No good


This flesh
Contaminated too
No good
No good

Come back
Give me bits for Bizmo
Don’t want Christmas
Want flesh


Bits for Bizmo
Want flesh


And so Bizmo finally did die.


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