I May Have Gone Blind

It’s been a long week, and Friday is most welcome. Going to keep it simple today. Just a poem. Enjoy and don’t catch any stray bullets this weekend.



The day of night.

The darkness of light.

The lasting shadows

Of places that live

Only in light.


Heed indeed, and take flight

From that which thrives

In its contradiction.


Masquerade is only used by that which should not move.

Masks hide that which should never be seen.

Code makes dumb that which should never be understood.



Night of day.

Shadows of light.

The burning light.

In the blackest of alleys.

Obscured by gloom.


Run from the lost.

For they will make you lost.

Forever to fumble in the bright light of darkness.


8 thoughts on “I May Have Gone Blind”

  1. The title brought me here, as I lost my vision for 24 hours once and was told by doctors that I was very lucky to get it back. Very nice poem and unique illustration/painting. Very thought provoking. Who is the artist for the painting? Z

    1. Hey Z, it is perhaps my greatest fear. I had a virus in my right eye a few years ago that caused micro-ruptures on the cells on my retina. It was a white-knuckle event to say the least. Recently, I had a friend go through months of obscured vision, near blindness. Thanks for the comment, I very much appreciate it. The image is truly fantastic, I found it doing an image search through Creative Commons. It is by Scabeater, and their Flickr profile is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35296271@N03/3714890244/
      Thanks again….

      1. Wow! yes, losing one’s vision is a sobering experience. It makes us realize how much we take for granted. Now if I am having a ‘bad’ day, I remind myself that I could be dealing from that problem without my vision, and suddenly that problem seems silly. My vision problems most likely were caused by aspartame/nutra sweet, just in case your friend is still trying to solve the vision problems.
        I’m working on paintings for an exhibition, so I’m very in tune to interesting images,especially ones of hands! zeebramolas.wordpress i’d best get back to painting. when the show is over, I look forward to more reading on your blog! Z

      2. One day soon I will write about the time I fell 60 feet off a roof and only fractured my tailbone. Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate the fact that I can still walk and talk. We get involved in the day to day and sometimes forget the basics. Looking forward to seeing more of your art, I have always been jealous of visual artists!

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