I Have Entered the Arena Known as GoodReads

As I go further down the blogging hole, I am finding more places to plant my flag. This afternoon, I went ahead and set up my GoodReads profile and rated a crap load of books. About 200. Good start. I know its been around for a while, but I just hadn’t thought much of it. Glad I joined up, as there are places to post your writing, and of course, get good recommendations for books to pick up. Although I have only so much time in the day, I figure a few minutes on GoodReads in the morning can’t hurt.

If you have a Good Reads profile, hit me up: Tom Lucas on GoodReads

I’m also going to try to throw in a review whenever I can. For my first, I chose The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. I’m going for small capsule reviews, I don’t have time to write essays and why force people to read them.

Here’s my first review:

The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam Trilogy #2)The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s the second book in a trilogy, but only god and Atwood know when that third book is coming out. I’d like to frakking know! Atwood does a great job of taking every bit of ugly that you can find in modern first world living, turns the knobs a bit, and steps back. Her future is our future, no doubt.

The Year of the Flood is literary when it needs to be, and crass when it has to be.

Solid read.

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8 thoughts on “I Have Entered the Arena Known as GoodReads”

  1. Looks like an interesting site. I doubt I have time for it, but it is good to know it is out there. And, actually, it might be a good site for me to keep track of stuff I want to read. I dig a lot of the same stuff you do (to the extent I recognized the titles you reviewed), although I gotta admit I found Transmetropolitan as annoying as all get out. I looks like you did not write a capsule review for that one — just gave it 5 stars. I tend to agree with “Andrew’s” 3-star review, although I admit I only read the first volume. Bottomline for me is that I just really hated the protagonist, which I know is sort of the point, although I definitely think the author expected the reader to admire the protagonist too, and it just wasn’t working for me…

    1. To be honest, I am not sure how much time I will have for it. I had seen many great things about how it can guide you to the next great book. Taking it for a test spin.

      When I created my profile the other night, I zipped through pages of books, mostly giving four or five stars, with the logic that I would rather get a recommendation for something similar than not.

      I only whipped up a capsule review for the Atwood book. I can’t imagine writing anything but a paragraph, or anyone wanting to read any more than that. I skim long reviews, unless I already read the book and I am looking for insight.

      As someone who aspires to share my writing with as many that can bear it, it seemed to make sense to go where the readers are. You can actually post your writing there.

      Time will tell, and if it doesn’t work out, I’m a gonna throw it out.

  2. Of course, most people love Transmetropolitan and I’ve had it recommended to me a few times based on other stuff I like, so I think my reaction is pretty idiosyncratic…

    1. I am a big Warren Ellis fan, but he can get a bit obtuse to say the least. Transmetro is annoying, in many ways. There are many other Warren Ellis books I like a whole lot more…I am hoping the Good Reads will figure that out.

      1. I agree that it doesn’t make sense to spend much time writing long reviews with all the other writing projects you’ve got going on. What are some of the Warren Ellis books you like more than Transmetropolitan? Although I have to admit that I’m trying to make myself read more novels rather than graphic novels these days… I have such a back log of books to read of both types that I think I’d use GoodReader more as a to do list than as a recommendation engine, but it is pretty tempting to have somewhere to keep a list of all the books I’m interested in.

      2. I enjoyed his stint on The Authority a whole bunch. Also Planetary. He has a number of very gruesome one shots as well. He’s a part of that whole UK crowd that has been so influential. I just finished the fifth book of Game of Thrones and have been mainly reading non-fiction related to publishing, but I think it’s time to hit the comic store. Let me know how GoodReads works out.

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