The Re-Cordings of a Deep Writer

Are you a “deep” writer? Perhaps you know one? You know what they are like, now don’t you?

I have spent many hours in the cool kid spots — coffee houses, pubs, behind the garage smoking. I have observed the “deep” writer in their natural environment, and have taken copious notes.

I have bundled all this knowledge together for you, so that you may more readily avoid this particularly devious sub-type, as any encounter with them will most likely send you to the therapist.

Here’s a wacky short story. Feel free to download it from the widget, share it, or blow your nose in it. I’ll post a poem tomorrow to show I am not betraying my people.

On a technical note, I like a lot of what does, but I am wondering if anyone uses something different? I would like to know about other options for sharing PDFs and the like.



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