If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher.

This week, May 7-11, was Teacher Appreciation Week. Everything that the human race has every accomplished, from engineering to medicine to philosophy to technology to writing blogs…we owe it all to teachers. The influence of a great teacher is immeasurable and infinite.

I have been in education for about 8 years now, and the vast majority of that time was spent in a high school classroom. Some of the best years of my life. Many of my good friends are there right now, on the front lines of education. Hats off to them, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. If you have time today, thank a teacher as well. As with all “dedication” days, weeks, or months…you don’t need to wait to give your thanks. Teaching is tough work, and appreciation is well…always appreciated.

Here’s an item from my HS classroom days. I had the awesome luck to teach Journalism and TV Production. This video should give you great insight as to what kind of teacher I was. Have a great weekend.


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