Come a Little Closer: MUSIC VIDEO

Recently I posted an audio download of my spoken word piece, Come a Little Closer. Since then, I have been messing around a bit with video editing, and I have put together a “music” video version of this piece. If you liked the audio download, then I think you’ll like this. If not, see you next time. I am hoping to do more of these in the future, and if anyone out there is a true video artist and would like to collaborate, please contact me, I am sure you’ll do much better than I did.

And now, the world premiere of Come a Little Closer!

Rather just listen? Here you go: Come a Little Closer: Audio Download

Rather just read it? Hrmm. Fine, here’s Come a Little Closer

Love to know what you think of my first effort. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Come a Little Closer: MUSIC VIDEO”

  1. Well done! The imagery matches well and I like whatever filter or effect the images went through. And both the imagery and music is appropriately backgrounded, because there is so much going on in the poem that it would be disorienting if there was too much to try to follow other than the words.

    1. Thank you for that. Man, I was a bit nervous about putting this one out there. I am certainly not a video artist, but I loved the idea of doing something. Also, the more I listen to my voice, the more I want to rerecord it! I am hoping to do more, and learn the craft of it. Thanks for your feedback!!!

    1. Erica, thanks for your feedback…I am planning more in the future and it’s good to hear I am on the right track. Thanks for watching!

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