Nothing. And a Modest Request For You.

Very dark clouds and a lot of rain coming through town today. This seems like an appropriate poem for just such a day. In other news, just found a new cool venue for spoken word in my area. This means more performance, more recordings, and more downloads to post in the future.

At some point I am going to have to figure out just what this blog is supposed to be. Some days I feel like it has no focus. If you have the time, post a phrase or word that you think captures the personality of this blog, or perhaps just me. Based on this blog, who do you think I am? I realize this is highly gratuitous, but I have put enough content on this blog that it’s time to focus it a bit. I am very curious to understand the perception of others, it’s usually quite illuminating. Let there be light.

A blank desert stare

Turns bloodshot red

As sharp grain

Meets fragile eye


Flow salt flow

Futility blinks slowly

Hands clench knuckle white

Jaw grinds tightly


There is no pain like vision

Absent knowledge

Is a forgotten tool

For breaking frozen gears


Rusted shell of machine

Ancient and abandoned

Buried by wraiths

A hidden memory


The dried mud cracks

Underneath worn soles

Dust piles form

Built by festered hands


It is all gone now

Thought but a whisper

That which was never to be known

Was forgotten as it was conceived.


10 thoughts on “Nothing. And a Modest Request For You.”

  1. Love the poem. As for your blog, I suppose I always sorta saw it as a writing blog with some life stuff thrown in every once in a while. A bit of a mish mash, I suppose, but the kind I think you see a lot. A little bit of everything.

    1. Hi Only!
      Thanks for taking the time to field my modest request. Your assessment is pretty much what I was thinking, and I truly appreciate the fact that you take the time to read my writings. What I have enjoyed the most about blogging, or really, posting my writing is that it has given me the opportunity to connect with other writers such as yourself. Thanks!

      1. I agree. I moved to WP from Livejournal because I couldn’t seem to make any good connections there (and also it’s a pretty terrible website XD) and love all the new people I’ve met here! The community is so supportive and active. I love it.

      2. I am really digging it. Seems like some folks have had great success in terms of community right off the bat. I am planning on staying until the miracle happens and then after.

  2. I agree with onlyfragments. I see it as a locale for you to share your creative writing, whether prose, poems, or spoken word. I don’t see the need for any more focus. It isn’t like you’re using the blog to share any and all of your interests, which would also be legitimate, but less focused.

    1. Hey Vodem,
      You’ve been a great supporter of my efforts as well. I had to ask, a few of my colleagues at work also have wordpress blogs…they are very different from mine. Through wordpress I have had the opportunity to read so many different kind of blogs, and my main interest is to have something that is consistent. You have a great eye when it comes to the arts, and I really trust your opinion on this. Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback. 🙂

  3. Thanks for reading my post. I just started this blogging thing and I really don’t know what I’m doing. Your blog is impressive. You believe you have enough content for your readers to sum it up in a word, a phrase. Since your posts are an eclectic account of reinventing your literary and artistic self, how about Tom’s Renaissance?

    1. Hi Ms. Nine,
      Thanks for your feedback. This past year has truly been a reawakening of many of my passions 🙂 I only asked for a few words to perhaps encourage those that might not have the time, but for a quick reply. I am learning something new every day about blogging and sharing my work, it’s been a great experience thus far. It will make sense to you as well.

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