My Gift, Your Torment

Hmmm, to give this one an intro or not? Best not, I think. This one is up to your personal interpretation, no context to provide. Message me and I will tell you why I wrote it.

I am your gunman
Trained to kill
By those who know best

Unlike the sniper
Eyes, I fill them
I am close to you

My breath is on your neck
My lips whisper
In your ear

About the world
This glorious world
We live within

My description is flawless
It’s beauty your beauty
I soothe and relax

My sweet words
Distract you from the
Clicking of my gun

For I was assigned
By fate to destroy you
To leave nothing behind

My weapon is undetectable
Almost impossible
And far from good intention

You smile I smile
Your eyes shine
Your lips mouth sincerities

That smile is frozen
In the moment
When I pull my trigger

And then it crashes
Like your body
To the floor

I stand over you
As you bleed
I watch you

I didn’t want the job
I didn’t want to kill
I never thought it would be you

Assigned for a terrible task
A job given for
Your destruction

Standing, watching
Your heaving form
Your torment so apparent

My feet are locked
As are my fists
My eyes dilated

My head so unclear
My hands so unclean
My heart so unsure

Immovable in my justice
Gun still smoking
Oh how you bleed

The gun is my hand
It cannot be removed
It is a part of me

The floor so wet
With blood and tears
A lake of pain and fire

I am Shiva
I am Armageddon
I am Destruction

Behold the end
Its clever disguise
And obsequious mask

You will always die by my bullet
My actions, faceless monsters
That hunt all that is meaningful to me

I will be taken out
I will be destroyed
1000 of my eyes
1000 of my teeth

To pay for each of yours.


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