Get These Thoughts Out of my Head

Finishing up the week here. My last day in the old job, ready to start the new one. Teaching research for world-building. It’s going to be fun. Thought I would round out the week with a little something DEDICATED TO ALL MY WRITER FRIENDS out there in the digital ether – WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the two or three on my Google+ (chuckle). Have a look-see, I think you’ll recognize the kind of late night I describe. Have a great weekend.

One of those late night/early mornings

Insomnia style

Sitting a foot from the TV

Nibbling on stale crackers

Mind bugging

Mind scribbling


God, how you would love to sleep

Having something to say

Maybe read another blog

Click another like

Back to the notebook

What’s on your Kindle

Blank page

Thoughts in a cage match

Lousy TV

1000 channels of crap

Back to your scratch pad

Tweet out your pain

Retweet the reply

Back to my notebook

Might as well take a hit

It could calm you down

Ohwp! You started doing it.

Now you’ll never sleep.


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