You Made a Terrible Mistake

If you allow me to wonder

How this all began

You have given me a permit

To destroy at will

If you don’t allow me to wander

I will brood and plot

And find a way

To blast through your walls

Lock me up and I will steal

Free me and I will undermine

Conspire and outline

A nefarious blueprint

No winners here

No losers either

Ambiguous goals

And means beyond justice

So prod me in my cage

Rattle the lock

Bang the bars

It will get my attention

If I escape

I’ll wrap my calloused hands

Around your frail neck

And twist until I am done

You never should have captured me

The reward isn’t worth it

My wrath and scorn

You could not resist

You are flooded with indecision

Fear and paranoia

Because my people know

Exactly where you are keeping me

And they are very impatient.


4 thoughts on “You Made a Terrible Mistake”

  1. Tom I am digging your writing style. We are starting up a featured storytelling section on Geeky Antics. Would you be interested? I met you via Robert at You’ve Been Hooked so any friend of his is a friend of mine! 8)

    1. I would. Hit me up through the contact form here and let’s do this.

      I’ve been following Robert for a while. He did a 5×5 with me a while back. Great guy and great blog.

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