My Nemesis

You look me in the eyes
And say terrible things

You call me stupid
You call me worthless
You question my every decision
You make me feel LESS THAN

You laugh at me
As you recount

Every mistake I have made
Every lie I have told
Every accident I have caused
Every relationship I have destroyed

You analyze me
Noting that

My brain is damaged
My thoughts are unclear
My plans are foolish
My dreams are misguided

You shake your head
Warning me that

I have no talent
I have no friends
I have no future
I have no hope

And as I look you in the eyes and listen
I realize

I need to stop looking in the mirror.


7 thoughts on “My Nemesis”

  1. Saw this in my hotmail and was so interested I came straight over, I love reading your words and this did not disappoint. We are always our own worst enemy and fantastically have you put that into words that so many of us can relate.
    Hugs you.x.
    PS :-

    1. Hey Nem, I truly appreciate your kind words. As I titled it I wondered if it was why you took the name you did. Sometimes I wonder if I should put it out there like I do, and your comments encourage me to continue. Thank you.

      1. Yes it is why I chose the name. And yes you should definitely “put it out there” as many of us love your words.
        Hugs you and have a fantastic weekend, hope it’s full of things that make you happy.x.

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