Decisions, Decisions.

Hey There!

One of my missions as a writer/blogger is to share with you my journey to self-publishing my novel, Leather to the Corinthians. I chose self-publishing for many reasons, and today it is an incredibly viable way to get your book out there. The old school publishers are desperately aware of the shift of power, let the palaces burn!

However, this means that I am spending all of my free time making decisions and critically thinking — when I could be writing. I am hoping that y’all might be able to help me with a few.

I am currently polishing off the manuscript with a few tweaks and a bit more content. My able and awesome editor is busy formatting the book for print and ePub. Hopefully I can write faster than she can format — the meter is running. I have an important decision to make on presentation. FONTS.

Can you offer me you opinion on this? I basically have four possibilities. I know which way I’m leaning, but I am curious how that actually lines up with yours. Thanks in advance for your time!






THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! I have just awarded you +100 Internet points.


31 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions.”

  1. I favor Option #1. It looks really clean and the eyes don’t have to adjust much for the font change in the body like in the other options. Good luck in self-publishing! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. The easiest fonts to read in continuous text are those with serifs. They allow the eyes to scan more easily than sans serif fonts. For that reason, option 3 would be out. All caps can be distracting too. Option 2 seems the best. Regardless, it’s the story we await!

  3. As they are, Option #1 is my favorite. We’re the title not italicized in #2, it might be my favorite. The fonts for the body text are all similar enough that I can’t offer an opinion there.

  4. I might be causing more trouble by saying this, but I’m curious what Option #1 looks like when the title isn’t in all caps and what Option #2 looks like when it’s not italicized?

    I’m definitely not expecting you to add more options since that would probably induce more headaches but just something to think about. Nevertheless, I went with Option #1.

  5. I am leaning towards options #1 & #4.. they are both easy to read. #1 is clean and looks like the standard, but I like the unique look of #4 and if that’s the look that you’re trying to achieve, I say go for it!

    1. There is something about that #4, although for readability #1 does seem the best. I have always liked Stencil, and for chapter titles, it seems appropriate. Still a tough call 🙂

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