I Feel Disgusting

It was a quiet Sunday night
When my wife and I decided
To investigate a street fair
We had only an address

We drove though the darkness
Trees casting swallowing shadows
Weed-choked brick roads
Nary a soul to be found

We searched and searched
Was there a fair at all?
Had our memory failed us?
Did it hide and laugh?

We had to make a choice
End the quest now
Go home or perhaps
Find safe harbor and food?

Food was what we required
But we could not decide
So we drove and drove
Then suddenly, inspiration

Mexican food, the real stuff
And a sign did appear
A ramshackle building
Ominous in its filth

But secrets hide behind
Doors we do not open
So we ventured forth
Unknowing, innocent lambs

A menu like Old LA
A true taco stand
Authentic in every way
My excitement overwhelming

Then the food
Barely identifiable
Swimming in grease
Meat of unknown origin

No confessional can handle this guilt
I feel disgusting , revolting
How could I let this happen?
How could I have made this choice?

My wife’s stomach torn asunder
My shame immeasurable
Damn you, California Burrito Express on Colonial


14 thoughts on “I Feel Disgusting”

  1. By the way, MexiGeek that I am, just need to point out that Mexican cuisine (especially Sonoran cuisine) often chooses kid (goat) as a meat source (though the Aztecs apparently did breed small dogs specifically for eating). Also I need to ask: were the tacos hard-shell or soft?

    MexiGeek has spoken.

    1. In this case, it was supposed to be chicken fajitas, and I am fairly sure that it was chicken, but they were nasty, greasy little scraps. Soft shell tortillas on the side. I love the fact that you are a MexiGeek, I now have a resource!

  2. eeeeeps… don’t hold back now… you didn’t say though. did you like the meal?

    *quickly closes the lid of my laptop.. so the sparks don’t shoot out*

    I don’t think I have ever seen greasy Mexican food. blech.

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