The Final Cover Art is HERE! Also, I have a couple questions for you.

It’s an incredible day indeed! Today is the day that I can present the final cover art for my novel, Leather to the Corinthians, which will be available in about 30 days. It’s taken the better part of a year to get it from draft manuscript to press, and the reward for completing – write another book, you dog!

Here’s the final, final, final version of the cover, as designed by my old friend and artist extraordinaire, Sean Bieri (be sure to visit his blog, The Man Who Japed, if you haven’t already).

Quite honestly, I have spent some time just staring at this image. It’s made the whole process real in way that it wasn’t before. It captures the spirit of the book and very accurately provides the reader with a clear idea of what they will find inside. THE PERFECT COVER. It should also get a few people to take a chance because it is so DAMN EYE-CATCHING. It’s just BOOM.

For those who love process, here’s the evolution of the cover:

Now that we have all caught our breath, I have a couple questions for my fellow blogthors (that’s a combination of blogger and author – don’t know if works, but F it.)

Question #1:
I fully plan on making this art available as t-shirts, mugs, etc. Anyone have experience with this? What site provides the best service, price, etc. that will let me set up a store page? I am evaluating Red Bubble, Zazzle, and Café Press but I would love your feedback and experience!

Question #2:
It’s fairly critical to get reviews up on your Amazon page once the book is available. I am wondering if there are a few of you out there that would do me the honors? I will get you an advance PDF copy for review, and once it is available either a free download, t-shirt or some other goodie. Or, if you prefer, a favor to be named later. Please hit me up via the contact form here if you are interested: Contact Me. I’ll give you a few more details when you do.


12 thoughts on “The Final Cover Art is HERE! Also, I have a couple questions for you.”

  1. Hella awesome cover. XD And I know I said this before, but I’d totally be willing to do a review. I’ll even use adult words that don’t include things like “hella awesome”. Instead I’ll be like “this book is legit totes boss, dude.” Much better, right?

    1. Done. You are first on the list! Send me your email via the contact form (so you can keep that private) and you’ll be getting a pdf in the near future. AWESOMESAUCE.

  2. I’ve heard good things about Cafe Press, how a friend of mine has published several books through them (and has a store on that site), and he would go back to them for the next ones. 🙂

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