Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a “Like”?

In anticipation of my novel launch, I have taken the path of least resistance and set up an Author Facebook Page.

I would certainly make me feel all special if you would take the time to click “Like” on it. Besides trying to get the number up as high as possible, it does give me the opportunity to share with you more of the fun stuff that gets me through the day that just doesn’t have a place on the blog.

Follow the link or just use the widget on the side of the page. Cheers!




6 thoughts on “Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a “Like”?”

  1. Funny you should happen to write this article. I’ve just finished an assessment of Facebook Like hits and their usefulness which came to the conclusion that the Like hits are unimportant: what matters is the interaction between the Liked – be it a company or a person – and those clicking Like. If you don’t know your customer base, if you have no contact with them, it’s just a figure and not an active part of your sales or sales potential.

    But perhaps I’m wrong, and you’ll prove it with your Fan Page!

    1. A member of my writer’s group compared her book sales compared to another very similar author. My associate does very little social media marketing. Her “competition” is non-stop with it. The results of the comparison is that social media ultimately does very little to boost sales.

      That’s good with me. I set up the author page mainly so that I could provide updates that have no real business on my blog. Plus, I find Facebook fun, and interacting with friends, fans, and everyone in-between is a good time.

      I don’t like many company pages, but one that I did that has proved useful is Purina – Fighting Pet Obesity. I have a 16 pound cat, and she could lose a few of those pounds. When she walks in front of the TV I miss three episodes of whatever I’m watching.

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