Hey Pal, Wanna Buy a T-shirt?

So with the release of Leather to the Corinthians almost upon us, I thought it might be cool to set up a little online kiosk where you could pick up a T-shirt or something cool.

After a bit of research, I picked. Zazzle.com. Wow, it was super easy to get this up and running. I spent a few hours putting this fine array of knick-knacks and wearables together. Some are just for laughs, I am thinking you’ll figure out those products right away. Some are pretty damn cool, and I will be ordering them for myself as well.

I’m grateful that I knew a great artist as I have some great art to work with. Thanks again to Sean Bieri for being available to do this stellar work.

Now, take a moment to drool over the awesomeness. Click the image below to travel to Zazzle-land.


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