Leather to the Corinthians Book Launch and Signing Party!

Hey folks!

coffeeIt’s almost unbelievable, but we are down to 7 days before the launch of Leather to the Corinthians (12/12/12). I have the final print proof sitting right in front of me, and to see something that has been bouncing around in my brain for several years become material is beyond words.

I truly hope that every one of my aspiring writer friends has this opportunity. I know the world won’t end this month, but if it did I would feel complete.

I have been writing, planning, talking, editing, promoting, and packaging this project for the last year, from the moment I hit the last word of the manuscript. It’s been a long process, some of which I have chronicled on this blog. As time marches closer, I cannot help but wonder if I did enough. Am I prepared? Is everything set?

The beauty of all this hand-wringing is that it doesn’t matter. Once the book is live on Amazon.com, it will live forever. At least as long as I want it to. There is a freedom that exists in modern publishing authors of the past did not have access to. We are truly blessed with the opportunity to share our stories, our worlds, and our voices. I am grateful for it.

What I am most looking forward to by releasing my book is meeting new people, finding new avenues for my book, connecting with readers, and getting the fuel to write more books. (Book 2 is in the planning stage, and I will begin writing in late Jan).

There’s a lot out there on how to promote a book. I am using some of the advice, and passing on other bits. I will be posting a good amount over the next week in anticipation, so forgive my excitement if it seems a bit spammy. I promise I won’t be choking your news feed with constant pitches to buy my book.

One bit of preparation that I am stoked for is my first Book Signing Party. If you are in the Orlando area on Dec. 15, or can get here (if you can’t, please share this event out):

Leather to the Corinthians Book Launch and Signing Party

OIA Book Launch Post#E9AA21

Leather to the Corinthians AVAILABLE 12/12/12!

Join the fun as we anticipate the launch on my Official Facebook Page!


19 thoughts on “Leather to the Corinthians Book Launch and Signing Party!”

      1. I did! I’m sorry, it’s been weird over here and I’ve been absolutely awful about replying to personal emails in the last few weeks. D: It’s nothing personal, I just suck. Will try to get my review in soon!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      One of my fine author group members put it together for us. My understanding is that she used a Photoshop template and her mad skills to put it together. Thanks for your support!

  1. Hey, “Brother” Tom,
    I am so excited for you! If I wasn’t getting married on that same beautifully-numbered day of 12/12/12, I think I’d fly out for your book signing! Seriously! So you’re called Thomas on the poster. I always knew that I wanted to call you that! So is it difficult for you to relax these days? I’m still in the “OMG, my dream is coming true!” stage and “eeking” all the time. Well, my thoughts are with you. Shine on! 🙂 (and I don’t mean with French’s mustard, haha)

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