One Day Left! How You Can Support the Cause.

oneTomorrow is the big day! The official release of Leather to the Corinthians!!!

I know I have been a bit spammy in the final days as I have counted down time to release, and after 12:01 AM EST, I will be switching gears and my topics a bit. I thank you for entertaining my excitement up to now.

If you are planning to buy the book, tomorrow is the perfect day to do it. And if all you do tomorrow is buy the book, you have MY ETERNAL APPRECIATION. Seriously.

However, if you would like to do a bit more and add to the fun, there are many simple things you can do to SUPPORT THE CAUSE.

Ready to help really kick this thing off? Here’s what to do.

Make sure you are logged into your Amazon account.

1. Before buying Leather, take a look around. Search for books by (and then click on them):
• Phillip K. Dick
• Kurt Vonnegut
Joseph Heller
Alan Moore
Lewis Carroll
Tom Robbins
• The Church of the Subgenius
• Any other authors you love

2. Search for individual titles such as
• The Illuminatus Trilogy
Infinite Jest
• Amnesia Moon
• Watchmen
• Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

3. Click on these bad boys, it will help populate the “users also viewed” section of my book’s Amazon page.

4. Now, go for it and buy my book. Search “Leather to the Corinthians.” You seriously rock. Thank you!

5. While you are on the book page, consider “liking it” or perhaps sharing it out via FB or Twitter. They have handy buttons over on the right side for this.

6. Consider “liking” my author page, and sharing this out as well.

7. Add Leather to your wish list, even if you already bought it 😛

8. Amazon also has this neat feature called Listmania. Essentially you make a list of cool things you like. Consider creating a list and adding Leather to it. Here’s some instructions on this if you are interested:

9. If you see any reviews on my book’s page…under the review, where it asks if you found the review useful, click “Yes.”

10. And hey, if you buy my book and happen to enjoy it, consider reviewing it on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, or anywhere else you like. It will take a few weeks of being on Amazon before the book shows up on these other sites, so you may not see it right away. Regardless, it helps so much. In fact, a positive review is about the biggest thing you can do to support the book.

11. “Like” my Facebook Page if you haven’t had the chance.

12. Follow me on Twitter. I am not a power user, but I am there!

Wow, so many ways you can help me out! If there is anything I can do for you, just ask!!!!

Leather to the Corinthians will be available tomorrow on Amazon! I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a wild day!


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