Leather to the Corinthians NOW AVAILABLE!!!

The Road

Finally I can say it: Leather to the Corinthians is NOW AVAILABLE! For all of my friends and followers who have been walking with me on my journey from inspiration to editing to final product – THANK YOU. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my work.

It’s been roughly a year since I typed the last words of the manuscript. What a year it has been.

Ready to buy the book? I certainly hope that you are. Click HERE and pick your poison. Thanks in advance! And don’t forget, it makes the perfect gift for the cool kid in your life.

Care to help even more? Check out Support the Cause! and find out what you can do to support the future of Leather to the Corinthians.

I’d love to start this thing off with a bang. Please reblog or share this post or the Amazon links on your social networks. This will not only elevate you to a God-like status in my world, but I will owe you one, and I will be happy to support any of your efforts as well (as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody – that’s just not cool)

I’ll be hanging out on this Blog and my Facebook Author page ALL DAY, so stop by and give me a shout!

Thanks again, I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without you in my corner.

Other thoughts:
If you are in the Orlando area this weekend, come by my book signing!

I am also currently arranging a signing for the South Florida area, hopefully in February.

If you would like me to come to your area, help me set up a book signing. Hit me up via my contact form.

Final thoughts:
And now, an atomic bomb explosion.


16 thoughts on “Leather to the Corinthians NOW AVAILABLE!!!”

      1. I was thinking something like “ENJOY THE BOOK MUTHAFUCKA” with maybe a drawing of a robot or a unicorn or something? But that’s maybe more my style than yours.

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