What Are You Looking At?

I was staring out the front window
The wife asks me
What are you looking at?

Watching my neighbor
Bag up his leaves I say
Nobody ever taught me the right way

She laughs
Thought it might be some big-breasted blonde
Jogging down the street

Funny how things change
She says
These things happen without notice

True, but if my neighbor
was a big-breasted blonde, I would look.
I would want to see how she rakes her leaves.
Photo Credit: Jeff S. PhotoArt via Compfight cc


17 thoughts on “What Are You Looking At?”

  1. if you were watching the blonde rake leaves (palm fronds? leave it to thr S. FL garnders!) you’re a nice enough guy that i’s very sure you would have eventually sauntered over and gently brought up the idea that yard maintence in a French bikini and high heels might br ill-advised. in that case you’d become a hero saving a nice neighbor from men who get the wrong idea-you were saving her not haping at here like a kid in front of Macy’s in NY at Christmas! that, my dear Tom, is your license to watch the rake’s progress!

  2. hmmm, wait.. you are bagging leaves in Jan? *grumbles*

    wait again, why bag leaves when a lawn more mulches them into something the grass likes? … there is no right way to bag leaves, it is just wrong any way. lol.

    thinks you were watching someone jog by… 😉

    1. Thank you sir! I have all kinds of trees around the house, only three palms. Funny thing about Florida is that the leaves fall all year round, but especially in Jan and Feb.

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