The Next Big Thing Blog Hop: Part One

Hail New Visitor!

If you are new to my blog today, then chances are you are coming via the AMAZING Suzy Duffy (author of the best-selling WELLESLEY WIVES), who was cool enough to bring me into this literary chain of awesomeness.

Now, I realize that I might not be the typical author you would check out, but at the same time, I am often surprised by who connects with my work. Next week, I will have a brief Q & A so you can get to know me better, as well as 5 more sweet authors for you to investigate. I’ll thank you in advance for supporting Indie pub. It is the now and the future. Never have so many voices been given an ear. This is an exciting time for the written word.

My blog is filled with poetry, short rants, and a few other surprises — but my biggest focus is THE BOOK.

005_leather_cover_title01Leather to the Corinthians is my first novel. It’s a surreal dypstopian satire that has been favorably compared to Ready Player One, Snow Crash, Transmetropolitan, and John Dies at the End. You can learn more about my strange fictional world here on my blog or maybe just zip on over to the Amazon page, where buying it is dangerously convenient.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you next week!


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