That’s When I Knew It All.

There will be times
When we are quiet
In the moment, sitting, whatever.
You will ask:
“Why do you love me?”

First, a guy sigh.
A lifetime of training
Tells me this could
Be a trap but that’s
The younger version of myself

He wasn’t always so bright.

This guy knows.
“You have the biggest heart
of anyone I have ever known.”
It’s truth. And as I am surrounded by
Bullshit, it’s comforting to know a truth.

But the first time?
The first thing?
The hook, the bait?
The first reason I fell
In love with you?

It was that smile.
That killer-clever, knowing

And now, somewhere in
that first dimple-popping
little smirk
and the big heart

Is everything else.


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