Introducing Flashback Fridays!

Hey folks,

Hard to believe it’s almost the end of April. I’ve been so busy (in a good way) that I haven’t noticed the days flying off the old wall calendar. In fact, I have just realized that I have been blogging for just over a year now. How could I forget my own blogiversary? Bad blogger!

A wise woman once told me that the only way to get through the daily grind was to have good things planned in the future. That way, you always have something to look forward to. Since hearing that, I have always tried to keep something on the horizon so I don’t get pissed off all the time.

I’m excited for the upcoming months. The course I teach is coming into its prime. I am wrapping up my initial marketing plan for Leather (soon to be on maintenance mode), and I have started my research and planning for my next novel. It’s a ghost story set in St. Augustine, so I have a trip or two to take. Also, I am dipping my toe into some copy writing to help put a bit more cheddar on the table. I’m cocked and ready to rock.

On the blog front, I will be keeping my sanity by trying to focus on three major topics for posts:

  • The process of researching and writing my next novel.
  • Presenting a cooperative/competitive poetry project with one of my oldest friends (and one hell of a writer).
  • Bringing new light to old and very old work (welcome to Flashback Fridays).

As this is Friday, you can safely assume that it’s time for a Flashback!

I have been writing all my life, and one thing I have managed to do…inexplicably…is hold on to every notebook, every scrap, every note. I’ve lost pretty much everything else thanks to moving a million times, a tornado, and a flooded basement. However, I have held on to my words. I’m currently going through old notebooks, and I will be bringing out writings that have never been presented publicly. The words have just been sitting in stasis. It’s time to wake them up.

For the most part, I am presenting the raw material. Maybe a tiny tweak or two. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. Many of the pieces I will post are probably terrible. However, I think there is a truth in putting it out there. I have also found that since I started blogging some of my most trivial words have registered more deeply with some readers than those that I have broken my back to craft. And, for those of you that are fellow writers, I think you know all about the struggle to find your voice. Ok, this is true for any creative type. As I bring out the old words for a nice stretch, I consider it a chance to see where I have been, what’s changed, and what I may have forgotten was important. I’m hoping that through this process, I will learn more about myself and continue to grow as a writer. I’m sure there’s going to be some clunkers, some rough gems, and perhaps a golden bird or two. Should be interesting. Even more interesting to me is that half of the material I have found I don’t even remember writing. Wow.

Here’s the first Flashback Friday offering. My guess is that I was about 20 when I wrote this. I think I was focused on the need for control over my personal life.


Fate Determines

The one to which all eyes turn

Opposed or loved

It has happened

The past comes to haunt

The masses will have you

Until they determine

Your time is up.


Be the representation

Abandon your wishes

For the good of the dumb

And the evil of the knowing



God UNhuman

Myth as man


Funnel of blame

Walking faith


Live as the temple that breathes

Until they tear your bricks to the ground.



6 thoughts on “Introducing Flashback Fridays!”

  1. OMG! So weird that I’ve been going though all my old stuff too! I have EVERY drawing and scrap of written word too! The kicker was finding an old pastel I did as a kid and actually thinking in some ways it was better than some of the art I’m making today, ha-ha! Flashback Fridays is a cool idea! Sounds like a fun summer ahead!

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