Hearts and Minds

Flashback Fridays!

This is a very old piece, I think I was around 18 at the time. I was making an attempt at addressing the nature of conflict. It’s interesting, but I don’t think it has much of a punch to it.


It’s the one thing that
Will make everything else
Fall down and beg
You can’t stop it
It’s beyond your defenses
And inside your walls

Mano a mano
Within your shadow primitive
Dark no light
Ethics no code
War no righteousness
Why bask in nothing
When more fights remain
Mercenary might
Opportunity for lasting treaties
Broken like walls

Knowledge is unimportant
Intuition without wisdom
Fight without reason
Loyalty with no foundation

The horn cries assembly
And the fighters make formation
Obedience unquestioned
There is no time

Over the trench
Waves like the ocean
Strangely natural

No furtive glances
No moment of doubt
Eyes fixated on fate
Decided by equals
Skilled or armed by luck.

Faceless statistic
Soldier ants
Take and lose leaves
By nature’s plan



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