The Greatest Novel That Never Was

Flashback Fridays! Hope you had a great week. No complaints on my end.

So here’s the back-story on this week’s post. Years ago, I was an Editor/Writer for The South End, Wayne State University’s student newspaper. Unlike many college papers, ours was a M-F daily. As the Entertainment Editor, I had a small staff of writers and a daily quota to fill.

My writers always delivered. I am still very proud of the staff I put together. However, on this particularly freezing February day, I found myself in a bind. It was 3pm (deadline time) and I didn’t have any stories to run. So…without much thought for ethics, I decided to write up a book review/author spotlight for a book and author that didn’t exist. I just wrote a feature about a book that I would love to read. I think at the time I may have just finished reading Naked Lunch for the first time.

Looking back at this article, I am amused by the fact that some of the fictitious novel’s qualities can be found in my own novel. At the time, I had no plans for a book. Perhaps a subconscious message sent to my future self? Not sure. The pen name on the article…Stanczyk was a famous Polish court jester. I’ve since used the title and some of the names for other writing projects.



article one


article two


16 thoughts on “The Greatest Novel That Never Was”

    1. I had a friend who worked at B. Dalton’s at the time. He said he looked high and low for the book but couldn’t find it. I decided to let him in on it, so he wouldn’t wasted any more of his time.

      Other than that, it’s pretty much been an inside joke between me, myself, and I.

  1. I got fired from the Amazon warehouse for searching too long for that book. And from the New York Times for fabricating Stanczyk’s suicide by helium overdose obit. Dick.

    1. Sleeping on a pallet behind a stack of romance novels and Sandford and Son Collector’s Edition DVD sets hardly qualifies as “searching” and I thought that NYT story was optioned for a movie starring Michael Paré and Judd Nelson. Stop spending your advance money on scratch-off lottery tickets and ether!

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