Join me for the Blogger Book Fair: July 22 – 26

July BBF button copyCitizens of the Blogosphere, Web-nauts, and Concerned Third Parties!

Next month I’ll be participating in the semi-annual Blogger Book Fair, and I invite you to join me here for several days of guest posts, author interviews, and other random awesomeness.

But it won’t be random —  this is a large, planned event with a bazillion authors, bloggers, and readers coming together through the click-magic of the Internet. This site is just one pretty float in a parade of book giveaways, author interviews, special events — all kind of excitement. Put on your nice bathing suit and dive into a sea of — ok, that’s just overwrought — I’m trying too hard.

At it’s core, the Blogger Book Fair is an intricately designed blog hop for those that love to read and the writers that love to write for them. Between July 22-26, you’ll be able to visit over 200 websites and check out over 400 books. All while you sip your coffee or whatever it is you put in that mug of yours.

In honor of this event, I’ll be pricing the Kindle version of my novel, Leather to the Corinthians, at 99 CENTS. That’s right, 99 CENTS. Outrageous.

More details to come.

You can learn more about the Blogger Book Fair here, or visit their Facebook Page.

Enjoy the weekend and try to stay out of trouble.


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