Tom Lucas Rocks the Blogger Book Fair

July BBF button copyLooking for some new authors, books, and bloggers to check out? Well, get yourself a few gallons of your favorite beverage, a pallet of Hot Pockets, and a cozy cushion for your butt, because you’re about to be sitting in front of the computer for most of your waking hours.

Next week, July 22-26, is the Blogger Book Fair. It’s a virtual exhibition hall filled with indie authors, publishers, giveaways, contests, and other surprises. There’s so much going on I can’t even figure it out. Looks damn exciting and fun way to find a new favorite or twelve. Just check out this list of participants:

And here’s the event list:

So yeah, get nutty on this.

I’m doing my part over here on ReadTomLucas. First off, I’m reducing the price of the Kindle version of Leather to the Corinthians to $.99 for the week. By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings. It’s a risk-free deal. If you hate the book, you’re only out a buck. If you love it, you got it for a song.

And hey, if you like it, would you drop a few sentences down on Amazon for me? Thanks, you are the awesomest. Did I ever tell you how good looking you are?

I’ll be posting every day next week, each day featuring another Blogger Book Fairian.

Or it is Fairite?

Here’s a sneak peek at my line-up next week:
July 22: Adele Park, Empress of the Audio Book
July 23: Tuan Ho, Exemplary Blogger of Movies and Books
July 24: Sharon Blayliss, Master Builder of Worlds and Histories
July 25: D.H. Aire, Gatekeeper to Realms of Fantasy and Magic
July 26: Dan O’Brien, Prolific Necromancer of the Apocalypse

And on the flip side, these folks will feature me on their blogs as well — so treat them like family.

Get to know these awesome authors and bloggers right here on ReadTomLucas next week. Hope to see you there.


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