Book Review: Slash Episode One: “Reality/Show” (Slash Serial Novel, #1)

Slash Episode One: Slash Episode One: “Reality/Show” by Evan Kingston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A promising beginning to a serial novel that plunges Inception-style through several layers of narrative, taking the reader through a meta-meta-meta murder mystery starring the actors of a fictional (but almost depressingly) plausible TV show. As various clues and events bleed through (sure, pun intended) from fan/slash fic of said show, the reader often ends up a bit upside down and backwards. This unsettled feeling enhances the story and keeps you guessing.

Suspenseful yet satirical, Kingston is at his best when he stays with a particular level of the “reality” for a spell, but I enjoyed unknotting the yarn as I went along. As a fan of satire, the commentary on our TV culture felt spot-on. It’s such a big, juicy target. I’m glad Kingston took his shot at it.

Looking forward to the next episode. I have a feeling it’s going to get even more twisty-turny.

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