Book Review: The Three Sisters

The Three SistersThe Three Sisters by Bryan Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hell’s bells. They are ringing….

Some may sell their soul for success, but Bryan Taylor gleefully throws the soul baby out with the bath water in this outrageously sacrilegious satire that stacks intricate word play, sexy nuns, social commentary, sexy nuns, high-concept satire, sexy nuns, clever characters, and just for good measure, sprinkles sexy nuns on top.

Although I don’t have the religious legacy of the author, I spent my Catholic high school years in the back of the church listening to Black Flag on my Walkman while concocting the most inappropriate and blasphemous thoughts I could muster.

So yeah, the book spoke to me.

A well-written story that challenges religion, the media, morals, and more. I look forward to seeing more from this intelligent and witty author.

That being said, I wonder if Hell has a turndown service? I think there may be a mint with Taylor’s name on it.

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