Book Review: Unicorn Battle Squad

Unicorn Battle SquadUnicorn Battle Squad by Kirsten Alene

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For years I was plagued with a recurring nightmare.

The details: I lived in a rotting, fetid, swampish home. Insects crawled inside the walls. Mold crept across crumbling wallpaper. Dank water dripped from unidentified cracks and the floorboards curled back to reveal a dark abyss underneath. I looked for the door but couldn’t find my way out. I was trapped in the wet, decrepit ruin of my subconscious mind.

Finally, after years of experiencing this dream, it simply stopped. I thought I was done with it forever.

I was wrong.

After reading Unicorn Battle Squad, it would appear that I have moved back in. I wonder how long the nightmare will last this time.

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