A New Year’s Message For YOU.

The days fly by and it’s easy to forget to call, to write, to say…I appreciate you.

New Year's Day postcard circa 1900
New Year’s Day postcard circa 1900 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life has brought its sweetness along with the bitter this year. There have been wins and losses, ground gained and ground lost, and much to reflect upon.

For those in my life – my wife, my friends, my family, and my colleagues – please know that your presence has made a difference. The favors you have granted, the shoulder you have lent, and the advice you have given…I thank you. I can’t do this alone.

For those who have provided support, a laugh or two, or just thought of me…I thank you. I needed it.

For those who stood in my way, cursed my name, or put a bee in my bonnet…I thank you. You made me stronger.

If you have someone, anyone in your life, consider yourself blessed. We are constantly told that our bowls are empty and that what we truly need to be happy is just ahead, that we can’t be happy where we are. When want trumps need, take a look around you. I promise you that there is someone who would trade lives with you in a blink.

Friends, a kind stranger, family, or true love – these things are the wealth of the world and whether you sleep on stacks of that gold or just have a coin in your pocket, know that people love you, think of you, and care. Perfectly flawed, they don’t always tell you, but know that they are there. I do. I know that I am blessed, as there are far too many people to thank.

Please know these words you read here today ARE FOR YOU.

And if no one told you this today…I love you. You’re beautiful!

Happy New Year.


23 thoughts on “A New Year’s Message For YOU.”

  1. Happy New Year Tom, you always have something encouraging and feelgood to say. I hope the New Year is, as you say “Awesome!” And I hope for you, your wife and family the New Year is one in which your hopes and desires come true.

  2. Happy New Year, Tom!

    “When want trumps need, take a look around you.” — I don’t think there is any better advice than this. Not only would there be someone lying in wait to trade places with you, but odds are if you are really searching, the want has clouded the need. I do have people in my life, and there is nothing that would ever trump them. I am so grateful for my family and friends – yourself included.

    Wishing you, your family, and your words, an awesome 2014!!! (and a good result in Ann Arbor tomorrow).

    1. Good to know you, Dom. 5 minutes on your blog and anyone could see that you know what’s important in life and what is smoke and mirrors. It was a hell of a year for us both, many word hit the page. I know that 2014 will have some interesting plot twists, and I think it will treat us both well. I have made a few good friends from this whole blogging thing, and I think you might have been the first. I’m grateful for that. A fantastic new year to you and yours…game on in a few hours, we’ll see what happens….

  3. Tom, that is just beautiful! Happy New Year to you and your wife. 🙂 You have a wonderful talent there, and an appreciative heart. It’s truly what makes life worthwhile. Meanwhile, I love your graphic for the post. I tend to love antique greeting cards like that!

      1. Thanks Tom, I developed an UPI overnight so am just resting today; I can always tell if I’m sick when I lose my voice….. 🙂 I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to the launch date of SS —- if your peeps see a reblog of your page, won’t they be delighted! I know I am! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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