Tom Lucas GETS HOOKED: 5×5 Interview with The Hook.

My completely unplanned January press tour continues with an interview over at The Hook. It was a good time, and The Hook’s readers are a complete blast.

I blasted Scooby Doo, got the tears going with a bit about my Dad, and attempted to defend my strange and baffling appreciation for Steely Dan.

Check it out here. The Hook is a blog worth following, and thanks again to the fine minds behind it for having me.



24 thoughts on “Tom Lucas GETS HOOKED: 5×5 Interview with The Hook.”

  1. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number came on this morning. I blame you, but that is OK. I plan to do an “iPod of Shame” post soon, so you can mock me then.

  2. We’ve both been blessed with a great bunch of readers, haven’t we, Tom?
    It was an honor having you stop by. You touched my reader’s funny bones and their heartstrings.
    Well done.
    And thank you.

      1. Good for you. My Dad died when we were both relatively young, and we were very much alike, so no real issues.

        My issues are with my mom, who is still alive, but has dementia, so it is only me that can truly work through the issues and the feelings. But I find the same, time is making me more forgiving about her pre-dementia narcissism. She is a very different person now, as you would imagine.

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