Book Review: Weaver by Katherine Arandez

Weaver (The Kervanian Chronicles #1)Weaver by Katherine Arandez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In my youth, I would often walk into the woods or neglected places and imagine that just beyond it was another world, something beyond the ordinary. I don’t think that I was unique in this way, but I may have had a more active imagination than most. Adulthood and the mundane have a way of stealing this from most.

Arandez’s Weaving evoked memories of my childhood imaginings more than once.

For those who enjoy detail-rich settings and mythologies, there is some deep down world building here. Arandez doesn’t just suggest that there is a greater world just past reality; she builds it brick by brick. It proved to be challenging at times to keep on top of all of the details, but as a first book in a series, it has some heavy lifting to do.

The plot is complex. Three children cross through a magic portal into another world and must go on a great adventure in order to get back. In itself, this seems quite familiar, but the mythology of Weaver has many layers – players and events to remember as you move forward through the story. My guess is that for those that enjoy the story, rereads will be in order to fully appreciate what is going on.

When I was younger, I loved books like Weaver. As an adult, I appreciate the amount of thought that goes into world design. Arandez has developed enough material to tell many great stories from this, and I think that she’s an author worth watching.

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