I prefer it when it’s dark
When I can’t make out
The details
When everything is
Just so gray

Like static

There’s no pressure
When it’s dark
No occasion to rise to
No fire to put out
No action to take
For a few hours
I can lay silent
In bed
By the knowledge
That there is
Is nothing
I can do

To change things


14 thoughts on “Night”

  1. I so agree. The daylight brings pressure to do things.

    I work in a cemetery doing evening tours. I so much prefer being there at night. There’s so much mystery and beauty.

  2. Yes — it’s Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow New York of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow fame. Washington Irving helped to establish it. He was an incredible artist, but also a lawyer and a diplomat — at the cemetery we call him Uncle Wash, or the Patron Saint — hahahaha!

  3. I think it must be opposite for women. I lay there at night sometimes maybe enjoying dark muting all the details, and yet instead of being comforted by not being able to take action, my mind turns over repeatedly what I have to do when the world wakes up.

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