Family History

It’s my understanding that
I have one hell of a family history
That’s not too difficult to believe
Probably true for most.

From all over Europe
Viking North
Mediterranian South
And many stops in between.

There’s been much love
Conducted across the water
and that love trickled down
from Duke to Lord to whatnot.

There’s a Von in there somewhere
And someone who worked
For the Hapsburgs
And some other sketchy types as well.

I once asked
If we’re descended from such greats
Have you heard of the Great Depression?

My father loved to regale
Such histories and myths
Your grand so-and-so knew Jesus!
Now that’s hyperbole.

The Greek line has been
The most frustrating
From Sparta, I was told
Fierce. Warrior. Blood.

Oh, how I loved that
A cult of manly men
Brutal with sword and spear
I could almost feel the DNA.

That little chestnut
Kept me going for years.
No matter the beast
I could slay it. Spartan.

Then I learned
It wasn’t Sparta but
Crete called home.
Asterion, my brother.

Not nearly as much
Fun a boast
But there’s that labyrinth
And the bullhead.

As are most things
Less impressive and shiny when
Scrubbed down by truth
But useful nevertheless.

If you are ever lost
Keep making right turns
Eventually you’ll find
The way out of the maze.

I learned that in Crete.


4 thoughts on “Family History”

  1. Had me on the ground in hysterics with the line “there’s a Von in there somewhere” – and “I learned that in Crete” basically made sure I stayed there. I’m guessing you put a good amount of work into this – but it reads like it just came out of your brain and onto the paper – with little or no effort.. Like it had to – there was no choice – perhaps as if we were sitting in a mid-century pub and you pulled up from a wobbly chair to tell the entire bar your family history (half eaten turkey leg in your other hand) – because, damn it, you were tired of nobody listening and the lineage had to be set free. Maybe like a spoken word, but in medieval get-ups. Okay, I need to get back to writing (and cut myself off from the java) – taking my comments too far!

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