There’s an aspect to amnesia
That I find quite attractive
A forced blank slate
The loss of so many regrets
Haunting mistakes
Poorly chosen words
Many people won’t forgive you
Because they know that you know
What happened that day
They want their justice
But if you don’t know
If you just simply don’t have
The recollection

It wasn’t you.

So there is no one to blame
They must forgive you
That you no longer exists
An alluring opportunity
The bitch of it, the tradeoff
Would be kissing goodbye
All of the things that went right
Pretty little picture postcards
Torn to shreds

The new replacing the You that you knew.

To be truly reborn at an older age
To experience everything for the first time
A loss of irony and cynicism
That’s attractive to me
Because I judge far too often
I’ve been carrying these bags for years
I’m exhausted and
I have no idea
How to shake the memories
That follow me.
Photo Credit: Jon Chevier™ via Compfight cc


6 thoughts on “Amnesia”

  1. What an interesting perspective on amnesia. Not sure if you remember a show called “Samantha Who?” with Christina Applegate. She had amnesia from an accident and slowly remembered what a horrible person she was. Interesting to see how she dealt with the reactions as a “new person” with different personality traits.

    1. Hi Linda,

      I do remember that show, although I must admit that I never tuned in. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I had fun with this one.


  2. Man isn’t that the truth, if only we can forget everyone else would be willing to do the same. I really enjoyed this, especially the cadence – the perfectly placed, and incredibly well rationed, punctuation. It wasn’t you. Bam. That’s right. If only you didn’t know.

    But we do. We all do.

    Love it!

    1. Dom!

      Thanks man. I see you spent some time on my site today. I appreciate your feedback more than I could ever say — unless that says it, then I guess I did.

      It’s been a while since I posted. April was insane. I was in a LitReactor class and turned out three short stories, all of which could be great with some revisions. I have a small reserve of poems and I pulled Amnesia out to test it. Based on your comments, I think I did ok.

      It was strange to go so long without posting. Does it get that way for you too?


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