I’ve been trying to contact you
Although I have never said a word
I’ve been typing my thoughts to you
And sending them like prayers out
Into the ether. Never seen, but merely whispers

You have not responded
I must assume you are getting my messages
What do you think when you look down to read them?
Do you think me a fool, an asshole, or misguided?

Your apathy angers me
Your unwillingness to let me in frustrates me
Your disregard for my feelings disturbs me
Why are you so willing to ignore me?

Ignore my thoughts, my feelings, my plans, my needs, my love?
How can you go about your day without a concern.
Without a glance, without a nod, or a we’ll talk soon.
Your lack of response has driven me mad.
I have diminished myself by lurking, stalking.

I see you on your Facebook
Liking a person’s status
Making cute little comments
Posting, posting, posting.

What have you been doing the last two days?
The days that you have been ignoring me?
Let’s look at that timeline and see.

You lost your phone in the toilet.

My bad.

Photo Credit: ★ spunkinator via Compfight cc


13 thoughts on “WHY U NO?”

  1. Lol…I have experienced what you expressed above–once. I never stalked, but I laid my soul bare and was completely ignored. It does hurt. But we move on. If I were a betting woman, I would wager a lot of people have gone through this experience. You write here of what others have felt, but kept bottled up inside. Excellent piece reflecting love (or perhaps a touch of obsession) in our technological age.
    By the way, I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Details are on my latest post. Keep on inspiring, Tom!!!!

      1. I know some bloggers don’t take part in the award process–after all, it does take away from ones’ writing time–and if you don’t wish to pass it on, no problem. But you are inspiring, whether you participate or not. 🙂

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