The check is in the mail.
You’re next in line.
The other light just turned red.
Your order is shipping today.
The curtain is opening.
Your call is important to us.

Thank you for holding.

Your grades will be posted tomorrow.
The timer is ticking down.
Storm clouds are forming.
The bus is one stop away.
The pizza should be getting here.
Your file is downloading.


The grass is growing.
The paint is drying.
The cake is baking.
The dryer is buzzing.
The commercial is shouting.
A secret is waiting.

To be whispered.

The nurse will call your name.
You’re the next patient.
The MRI will be reviewed next week.
We should have your test results in two days.
We will call you if it is serious.
You shouldn’t have to worry.

White knuckles.

I’m going to have to get back to you.
Sign the papers and you’ll have it.
We’re just waiting for clearance.
The judge is in his chambers.
The jury is debating.
And then we will know.


Photo Credit: yyellowbird via Compfight cc


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