Old School Flava Industrial – Thick Chicago Style

Being older sometimes just means that you were around to catch great shows and that you got to buy great music when it was actually current and the bands still had all of their hair.

Sometimes it means prostate exams and lower back pain. Sigh.

Moving on…as a youth in search of all that was cool in the world –that which might save me from a life of mediocrity and purposeless existence — I turned to music for answers. Long blog post short, music saved my muthafucking soul. It’s a shame I don’t play an instrument. Not even sure how that didn’t happen.

Punk, metal, and INDUSTRIAL were my guardian angels. Flaming swords of rebellion, anger, and chaos defended me and my tender teen angst from many of life’s indiscriminate cruelties, until such time that I had the fortitude to face the SUCK that can be life.

I have a deep fondness for these genres and always will. In particular, mid-80s – early 90s Wax Trax! Industrial Bands– Ministry, Pigface, KMFDM, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Front 242, Revolting Cocks.

Today’s take on Industrial has not quite captured my interest — until now.

Behold Flood Damage of Chicago. Their latest release…man, it’s so good I had to sit down. I’m 16 and confused all over again and that’s FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.

Goddamn. I hope they play Orlando at some point.

Check out their new album:

Instructions for the Assembly of God(S).


Yeah, take me back, bitches. It’s on iTunes here, but you can also find it everywhere else (Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Beats Audio, etc.)


I’m also slapping down a YouTube vid of a live performance for your edification. Enjoy.



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