Book Review: Crafting the Character Arc by Jennie Jarvis


A quick Google search for writing advice will result in approximately 7 billion hits. That’s a craft article for every person on the planet. There is more writing about writing on the Internet than there is actual writing. Some of this advice is good, some bad, and some – I’m pretty sure was put there by highly competitive writers that are hoping you will follow it so that your writing will SUCK FOREVER.

Something one hears often is that characters should be engaging, relatable, and must change over the course of the story. It’s obvious advice. But unless you are already a pro, how to pull this off might not be so obvious. And if you’re a pro, you probably don’t need the advice in the first place – but thanks for reading my book review anyway. You’re a peach!

If you are looking to create a path for your character that will be compelling — a character that your readers will connect with and root for – this book is a great place to start. Jarvis presents the blueprint for a character arc that will put them through the paces, challenge them, and ultimately force them to grow.

The lessons and information provided are clear and practical. The examples used are from popular stories and although you might not know all of them, you are certain to know some. There’s also a dash of wit about it that makes it a fun read, even if you are a peach of a pro.

Crafting the Character Arc: A Practical Guide to Character Creation and Development by Jennie Jarvis is a worthy book for any writer’s reference shelf.


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